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    Left 4 DeadVAC SecuredHosted on LinuxThis server is running the latest version.
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Recent map changes

Map changed toWhen
l4d_hospital02_subway10 minutes ago
l4d_hospital01_apartmentabout 1 hour ago
l4d_hospital02_subwayabout 2 hours ago
l4d_farm01_hilltopabout 3 hours ago
l4d_hospital01_apartmentabout 7 hours ago
l4d_hospital02_subwayabout 8 hours ago
l4d_hospital01_apartmentabout 11 hours ago
l4d_hospital05_rooftopabout 12 hours ago
l4d_hospital02_subwayabout 12 hours ago
l4d_hospital01_apartmentabout 15 hours ago

Recent name changes

Name changed toWhen
|NS| 4 Co-Op []8 months ago
|NS| 4 Co-Op by ModRiot ( months ago
[DE] NS | Hardcore []11 months ago
NS | Hardcore [DE][]11 months ago
NS | Hardcore [DE][][]over 1 year ago

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